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About Us


Heavenly Dog Paws Sanctuary, a 501(c)(3) animal rescue charitable trust, is located on an 2.5-acre tract north of New Orleans in Folsom, Louisiana. The rescue facility has functionally designed kennels that include temperature control, sanitary systems and surfaces, and areas of shade inside the fenced exercise yards.

Heavenly Dog Paws Sanctuary provides a meaningful haven for dogs previously destined for meaningless destruction.  Dogs are pulled from parish/city kill-shelters and then fully vaccinated and vetted, spayed/neutered if older than 6 months, and treated for heart-worm disease, if necessary.  Dogs become available for adoption once they are healthy.  We offer the community a solution with our alternative to kill-shelter animal control.

Decompressing An Adopted Dog

The time following any adoption can be critical. That’s not simply because you and your dog are getting to know each other, but because those first days and weeks are laying a foundation for your new life together.

10 Reasons To Adopt A Dog

Ever wonder why you should adopt a dog? Check out these 10 great reasons to bring a new friend into your life and family!

Frequently Asked Questions

Have some questions and just need some quick answers? Looking for a place to start?

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